Getting outdoors this summer

With the wet and snowy winter that we have been subjected to recently getting the kids outdoors without having to deal with a mound of wet laundry afterwards may seem like a distant hope, but if the blooming daffodils and peeks of blue sky are anything to go by then summer is not too far away. So just how do you prise your kids away from the comfort of the house and the multitude of screens it offers and get them playing in the great outdoors?

Exploring the outdoors

I had great success last year with making up simple scavenger hunts fro my brood. I started pretty small and only let them go as far as the front garden but they had a ball of a time hunting for just the right items. As I said, I started small with a simple list of things that the kiddos could easily find in our front and back garden:

  • 2 twigs
  • A round stone
  • A jagged stone
  • A flower with yellow in it
  • Something muddy
  • Something that makes you smile

After the success of that first hunt I upped the ante and made longer hunts that involved riddles rather than just listing the items to find and I found that it was also an ideal carrot to get them excited about longer walks further from home. It has been so successful in fact that it has had the knock-on effect of getting the kiddos interested in ecology in a way I hadn’t anticipated. This summer we have decided to build a mini beast hotel (get the tutorial here) to attract all sorts of creepy crawlies to our garden and let the kids indulge in their new found interest!


Wet and wild fun

For when it DOES get hot (positive thinking and all that) fun with water is another wonderful way to coax the kids outside. An inflatable paddling pool is great way to cool everyone down, tho in a couple of containers, some toys and you’ve got your very own water park, almost. Top tp fro paddling pools: if the weather is not quite warm enough for stripping off then fill the dry pool with duvets and pillows to make the perfect comfy outdoor spot.

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