Toys that involve a spot of DIY

People say that death and taxes are the only two certainties in life, but modern parents would probably argue that there never being a shortage of new toys to purchase for your little darlings is another of those certainties. Every day there seems to be some new and exciting toy advertised on TV or available in shops, but have your ever stopped to think about what sorts of toys you could make yourself? Not only will it save you some money but it can be a great family activity to do all together!

Ice lolly stick Jigsaws

Creating your own jigsaws is a really easy project that even very young children can be part of. There are a whole host of different types of jigsaws you can create with very little materials.

Collect about 10 (clean) ice lolly sticks and tape them together at the edges to create a rectangle, decorate, draw and design on the sticks, once dry simply peel of the tape and you have a 10 piece puzzle to put back together. We have also used this method as a way to teach numbers to our wee ones. Simply number the sticks and then ask them to put them back together in order. At a recent unicorn party we did a similar thing but with 7 sticks, each one painted a rainbow colour and the party goers had to order them like a real rainbow.


This is a great way to keep kids occupied during the holidays and can be adapted for indoors or outdoors defining on what the weather is doing.

The set up: In a large cardboard box place sheets, towels, pillows, a blanket, some rope and a selection of binder clips and clothes pegs

For indoors: Clear a space in the middle of the room but make some chairs and stools available to act as props for the various blankets and sheets.

For outdoors: If you have a washing line ensure it is securely tied and can stand up to the weight of a blanket being draped over it! Garden furniture is a great thing to have eon hand or you can also collect some sturdy branches if you don’t mind them being poked into the ground that is!

If you are concerned about mud and grass stains you could put a trap down the ground first but my recommendation would be to use old sheets and pie prepared to wash something afterwards!

Let the kids go to town! If your children need a little bit of encouragement you could set up some basics of a fort, e.g a blanket draped over a washing line to give them ideas. You could also give them guides as to what sort of space to create such as create a cosy reading den or build a place to have a tea party in.

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