Budding bakers

Encouraging kids to get active in the kitchen from a young age is a great way of preparing them for later life, not only is it a fun way to bond with each other you. The skills required for cooking are ideal for promoting fine motor skills and it is also an opportunity to give them an understanding of nutrition from the get go!

Wooden play food

Toddlers and heat sources don’t always mix and there is no shame in being slightly hesitant to let your wee ones into the kitchen with you which why I love the huge variety of wooden play sets that you are available. For fussy eaters play toys are a great way to introduce them to new types of foods and can help get them excited about trying something a little bit different. The Melissa and Doug range of toys is a firm favourite of mine especially the sandwich making kit! I also love the food cutting sets fro teaching little ones how to use knives without worrying about any mishaps!

Personalised baking equipment

When it is time get them active in the kitchen then nothing will do the trick quite like personalised baking and cooking equipment. If you are a tidy minded mother then you will love the idea of personalised aprons for you mini me bakers! But why stop there? Check out personalised rolling pins, wooden spoons and more. Pint sized utensils can be easier for little hands to hold andmkae the whole experience more comfortable for them. Don’t forget to check out kid centre cookery books too! Nadiya’s Bake Me A Story is a great blend of fairytales and interesting cooking recipes that will turn kitchen time into story time in no time!

Baking subscriptions

For kids that can responsibly wield a spatula and whisk by themselves a baking subscription is an ideal presentidea. Each month a mix or selection of ingredients will arrive through your letterbox to be whipped up into a glorious concoction by your budding baker. If you are worried about too much sweetness then be on the look out for subscriptions that have healthier options.

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