Ways of welcoming a new sibling

A new addition to the family in the form of a baby sister or baby brother can certainly change up the dynamics of a household. In the inevitable onslaught of cooing relatives and friends that will be coming to see the new baby, older siblings can easily feel left out, especially if your visitors are bringing endless gifts for the new baby and nothing for them.

Of course a present or gift should not b used as a substitute for ensuring that your existing children feel loved during this time, however getting something special for your older children can go a long way to making them fell included and/or occupied in the excitement of the new baby.

If friends and family ask if there is anything they can bring for the new one consider asking them to instead bringsomething for your other children, especially if you already have a lot of the things you need for your wee one. Here are our top three items to suggest:

Something that keeps them occupied

Toys and activities that give your children something to do are excellent options for gifts. Sticker book and colouring books are especially good because they don’t require assurance from mum or dad and are most importantly quiet activities that won’t wake the new one! Begin relatively inexpensive you might even want to consider buying a stack of books that you can whip out when tensions start to run high, another boatload of visitors descend or you want to give your child a reward for being a stellar big brother or sister.

Something that makes them feel special

Taking on the responsibilities of being big brother or sister can feel overwhelming. Younger children may not understand that the new addition is here to stay while older ones may worry about what is expected of them now that there is a new baby in town. We have found that books about being big brother or sister can be very helpful to helping older sibling adjust. There is a vast array of literary options on this theme available including everything from picture books to much more in depth books for older children who are confident readers. Some of our favourites are ones that can be personalised to include the name of the older child and also sometimes the new babies name. At a time when there will be a lot of focus on the new arrival, having a personalised item can be truly special.

Their very own baby

Children love to mimic what they see around them so why not get them their very own toy baby to take care of? This is an especially great option for toddlers who will want to try their hand at everything mums and dad are doing but are perhaps not quite at the stage of helping out with the real baby!

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